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Combine meditation and art with 5 free coloring pages

Doing things we loved as kids can bring back a sense of joy and relaxation that's often missing in adulthood. 

Among these activities, coloring is a fantastic way to practice meditation for art and mindfulness. And this article explores how returning to childhood activities like coloring can help us relax and improve our mental well-being, plus 5 free printable coloring pages.

The joy of childhood activities

Activities we enjoyed as children, like coloring, playing with blocks, or imaginative play, were more than just fun. These activities helped us explore our creativity, express our feelings, and stay present in the moment. As adults, we can benefit greatly from doing these activities again, using them to manage stress and stay mindful.

Coloring as a way to meditate

We might not have thought about coloring as a way to practice meditation for art back in the day, but here are two ways it actually is similar to a mindfulness practice: 

Finding simplicity again

Coloring helps us reconnect with the simple joy of our childhood. The act of filling in drawings with colors doesn't require special skills, making it easy and fun for everyone. This simplicity lets our minds focus on just one thing, giving us a break from the busy adult world.

Staying in the moment

Coloring requires us to pay attention to details and focus. Choosing colors, staying within the lines, and creating patterns make us concentrate, pushing aside distractions and worries. This kind of focus is a key part of mindfulness, which can reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Benefits of coloring for adults

Forget doomscrolling. When the going gets tough, here’s why we should reach for our coloring books instead:

Reducing stress

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress. Doing this activity can put our minds in a meditative state, similar to traditional meditation. The repetitive motion of coloring and the chance to create something beautiful can calm the mind and lower anxiety.

Boosting creativity and emotions

Coloring lets us be creative, which is important for our emotional health. By playing with different colors and designs, we can express our feelings without words. This creative outlet can be very therapeutic, helping us release emotions and feel accomplished.

Improving focus and thinking skills

Coloring regularly can help us focus better and improve our thinking skills. Paying attention to details and planning colors and patterns can boost problem-solving skills and concentration. These benefits can be helpful both personally and professionally.

5 free printable coloring pages 

Right-click on the coloring page you want and select “Save Image As.” Choose a location on your computer to save the image. Once saved, open the file, print it, and then grab your coloring pencils. It’s time to make your masterpiece!

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Rediscovering the joy of childhood activities like coloring can be a wonderful way to bring mindfulness and meditation for art into your daily life. By engaging in these simple, creative practices, you can reduce stress, improve focus, and express your emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way.

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