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Balance's ever-expanding meditation library delivers personalized support and guidance for every part of your day.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, you'll find meditations, music, and activities to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, increase focus, and so much more. And our members report powerful benefits: 95% reduced their stress, 92% improved their mood, 82% started sleeping better, and 75% increased their focus.

Meditation for %%Anxiety%%

Get personalized anxiety relief with meditations that quiet your worries, relax your body, and leave you feeling more calm and capable.

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Meditation for %%Beginners%%

Not sure where to begin? Our Foundations Plans are designed to help brand-new meditators discover the basics in minutes.

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New at meditation

Meditation for %%Breathing%%

Learn how to use your inhales and exhales to calm down, clear your mind, relax deeply, and relieve stress.

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Meditation for %%Couples%%

Strengthen your bonds and improve your relationships with unique meditations designed to be enjoyed together.

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Meditation for %%Focus%%

Boost your productivity with meditation techniques and clinically proven music tracks that increase your focus and concentration.

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Meditation %%Music%%

Whether you're relaxing, focusing, or ready for sleep, push play on our expertly curated library of soothing songs and sounds.

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Meditation for %%Relaxation%%

Feeling a little stressed? Take a few minutes to release tension and enjoy the moment with our meditations for relaxation.

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Meditation for %%Sleep%%

Get a great night of sleep with meditations, stories, music, and more, expertly designed to help you fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed.

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Meditation for %%Work%%

Make the most of your workday breaks with meditations and productivity tools designed to help you feel more focused while you study or work.

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Feeling more focused at work

The Expertise Behind
Balance App’s Meditations

The concrete techniques you'll learn and practice in all our personalized meditations are backed by science and experts in meditation—and they adapt to you. Coach Leah Santa Cruz's background in neuroscience and Coach Ofosu Jones-Quartey’s experience coaching people of all ages combine into guidance that’s relatable and effective.

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