Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Balance's Co-Head of Meditation

Ofosu Jones-Quartey is a beacon of authenticity in the world of meditation and mindfulness. As one of Balance's Co-Heads of Meditation, he brings a depth of experience and expertise that spans more than two decades.

Ofosu's meditations are prominently featured on the Balance meditation and sleep app. And his expertise extends beyond digital platforms, as he conducts meditation and mindfulness classes and retreats worldwide, including collaborations with prominent institutions like the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, The Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock, Brooklyn Zen Center, and Cleveland Insight. Whether in-person or virtually, Ofosu's teachings have resonated with families, children, and adults alike. 

Pulling from his experience as a father of four, electronic music and hip-hop artist, and children’s book author, Ofosu enjoys infusing humor and fun into his meditations. At the core of his multifaceted career lies a profound philosophy: every individual deserves their own love and compassion. He believes that inner work can make the world a better and more caring place, and he aims to spread this idea through everything he does, whether it's meditation, music, or writing.

Among Ofosu’s favorite things are silent meditations, leather jackets, Batman, and dad jokes.

For deeper insights, collaborations, or to explore his teachings and works, connect with Ofosu on his personal Instagram or Balance's Instagram.


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