Anna Braunsdorf

VP of Content at Elevate Labs

Anna Braunsdorf is the Vice President of Content at Elevate Labs, the company behind the acclaimed Elevate and Balance mobile apps. Elevate is a brain training app that has won Apple’s App of the Year, and it has helped 50+ million people improve their communication, math, and memory skills. Balance is a highly personalized mental wellness app that has won Google’s App of the Year, and it has supported millions of people in their efforts to improve their stress, sleep, focus, and mood, and it’s completely free for the entire first year.

Anna’s work for both Elevate and Balance is consistently featured in prominent wellness and educational publications and is recognized by industry experts, which solidifies her reputation as a trusted authority in the realm of digital well-being.

A proud alumna of the University of Missouri’s esteemed School of Journalism, Anna's academic background combined with her hands-on experience in content strategy places her at the forefront of educational and wellness content creation.

To explore more about brain training, meditation, or potential collaborations, connect with Anna on LinkedIn.


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