Nora Shepard

Meditation Contributor

Nora Shepard is the Marketing and Outreach Contributor at Elevate Labs, the team behind the popular Elevate and Balance apps. Elevate, winner of Apple’s App of the Year, is a mental fitness platform enriching the lives of more than 50 million users. Balance, winner of Google Play Store’s App of the Year, has guided millions of users to improve their mental wellness through meditation. 

Nora’s commitment to community, health, and personal growth makes her a passionate advocate for users of both apps. Her work is thoughtful and highly regarded in wellness and edtech circles.

A candidate for a Bachelor of Arts at Northeastern University D’Amore McKim School of Business, Nora combines her entrepreneurial insights and passion for learning with practical work experiences at businesses that span the startup and enterprise spaces. 

For Nora's updates or to explore potential partnership opportunities, connect with her on LinkedIn.


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