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January bingo board: Start the New Year with wellness

IJanuary is a time for new beginnings and for setting or resetting intentions that might have fallen out of view.

While change can happen at any time of year, January is an especially compelling time to build new habits or get back in touch with old ones. And we’re here to help you clarify your wellness resolutions and put them into action.

So keep reading to find inspiration for starting 2024 on the right foot.

Identify the most impactful coping skills for mental health

If you’re thinking: “I want to change, but I don’t know what to change!” You’re not alone.

The new year can be overwhelming in that way. Between personal goals, internet chatter, social comparison, and more, it’s hard to know exactly where to start improving your life.

Here’s the good news: The most important self-improvement resolutions are the ones that matter to you, not what the world around you is saying.

So if you’re looking for a way to identify your priorities, consider writing a list of all of your goals for the coming year. Then, narrow your list to your top five goals, and then identify your top three. Consider these your non-negotiables for the new year.

This exercise helps you realize what’s important to you and narrows your focus, which can keep you from overcommitting and drive you toward success.

Create accountability

Once you've set your goals or resolutions for the new year, it’s important to create some level of accountability for yourself.

So here’s our number one tip: Whether you want to run a marathon this year or walk your dog this afternoon, tell a friend!

When you share your new goals and habits with someone you trust, you gain support, accountability, and motivation to stay the course.

It’s like gaining a teammate—someone who will cheer for your success, keep you honest, and give you tough love when you need it most.

Prefer to maintain a low profile? You can still hold yourself accountable by making lists of short-term goals (and keeping them easily visible!), planning ahead, journaling, or creating a vision board.

January wellness bingo board

No matter what your goals for the new year are, self-care is a pivotal part of helping you reach them.

So to help you gain some inspiration and accountability, check out our January Bingo board! It’s filled with 24 easy ways you can prioritize your wellness in 2024, so you can more effectively reach your goals.

Bonus challenge: Try to get Bingo!

Learn new coping skills for mental health with Balance

If you’re looking for another tool to help you achieve your goals for the new year with more intention and self-compassion, consider downloading the Balance app. With a library of hundreds of guided meditations, sleep stories, and other audio tracks to support your well-being, it’s the perfect addition to your life for a strong start to the year. (Alongside the Bingo board, of course!)

Plus, Balance even offers a seasonal resolutions meditation to help you reflect on lessons from the past year before looking ahead to set a specific, measurable resolution for your future. How’s that for setting yourself up for success?

The best part? It’s free for your entire first year. So go ahead: Make 2024 the year you prioritize yourself, and download Balance today!


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