how to reset your routine this fall

Bingo Board: 24 Ways to Reset Your Routine

Step aside spring cleaning and New Year's resolutions: We're here to make a case for a fall reset.

While these traditional markers of fresh starts have their merits, there's something about the crisp air and changing leaves of autumn that make it the perfect time to take stock and make changes. As the summer heat fades away and we gear up for the busy holiday season, Labor Day can serve as a cue to reset and refocus on our goals.

So, put away the beach towels and start thinking about what you want to achieve this fall. And as you read on, you'll learn more about the benefits of resetting your routine, as well as discover a Fall Reset Bingo Board that's full of 24 ideas to help you shake things up and start the season fresh.

Why Your Routine Needs a Reset

Just as electronics occasionally need to be reset–erasing months of programmed information and taking them back to their original state–we sometimes need to be reset, too.

And hey, even the clocks recognize the benefit of a reset a couple of times each year in many areas with Daylight saving time. (If you're all of a sudden wondering, "When does Daylight saving time start?" we've got you covered. Daylight saving 2023 started on March 12 and ends on November 5, when clocks will be set back one hour at 2:00 AM.)

Here are some key benefits of resetting your routine this fall:

Break Negative Cycles

When we get stuck in a routine, it can become monotonous, leading to boredom, frustration, and even burnout. By resetting our routines, we can break out of these negative cycles and introduce new challenges and experiences into our lives.

Boost Productivity and Creativity

Periodic resets can also help boost productivity and creativity. When we shake up our routines, we force ourselves to think differently and adapt to new situations. This can lead to increased problem-solving skills and the ability to approach tasks with fresh perspectives.

Form Better Habits

Resetting our routines can also help us form better habits. By intentionally setting aside time to assess our goals and priorities, we can identify areas where we need improvement and make changes accordingly. This helps us stay on track toward achieving our long-term aspirations.

Fall Reset Bingo Board

If you're feeling stuck or in a rut with your current routine, consider taking some time this fall to reset and refocus.

As a first step, challenge yourself to get Bingo with this board that's full of concrete ideas to help you shake things up and start fresh. Your mind and body will thank you for it!

Find More Ways to Reset Your Routine with Balance

Hopefully this September Reset Bingo Board inspires you to make some positive changes to your routine this fall season. Remember, resetting your routine can help you break negative cycles, boost productivity and creativity, and form better habits.

And if you're looking for another simple way to add healthy habits to your daily routine, consider downloading the award-winning Balance app on iOS or Android. With features and activities that can plug right into your morning routine, midday stretch breaks, and bedtime wind-downs, it's an easy way to prioritize your health and wellness. Plus, the app is free for your entire first year! So what are you waiting for? Start resetting your routine today with Balance.

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