recommended Mother’s Day gifts

Mindful Mother's Day gifts: Top picks from the moms at Balance

Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the amazing mothers in our lives, and what better way to do so than with thoughtful, mindful gifts that speak to their daily experiences and needs? 

We've tapped into the creativity and personal insights of the moms on the Balance team to compile a list of Mother's Day gift ideas that are sure to encourage mindfulness, self-care, and a bit of joy. 

Here's what they had to say:

Get Mom some Vitamin D with a membership to head outdoors

"An annual membership to a local conservation area or park is a wonderful way to get outside, immerse in nature, walk, hike, or picnic with the family while supporting local conservation efforts." – Yana Yang, Senior Data Analytics Manager

Share some of Mom’s mental load by planning a family outing

"Planning and managing an event so that mom doesn’t have to do anything but show up and enjoy it is incredibly thoughtful. A planned family picnic can make for a fun and stress-free Mother's Day." – Olivia Johnson, Director of People

Gift Mom a way to disconnect, if only for a moment

"Shower steamers can turn those precious few minutes alone in the shower into a rejuvenating experience. Also, a personalized jigsaw puzzle, like one made from a favorite family photo, offers a meaningful, mindful retreat." – Anna Braunsdorf, Vice President of Content

Put down the candle and get Mom a gift that’s unique to her

The Balance team didn’t stop at those ideas! Some other recommendations included:

  • A meal kit or gift cards to scratch one task off her list, if she’s the family cook
  • Likewise, deep cleaning or organization services provide a serene environment
  • Indoor gardens to keep fresh produce on hand and a bit of nature inside the home
  • Insulated mugs or mug warmers to keep her coffee warm through the daily chaos
  • Noise-reducing headphones to let her stay present without drowning in the noise

These gifts honor moms' needs and preferences and can help show your love as you gift them a sense of mindfulness and well-being. 

The ultimate mindfulness gift: A Balance subscription

What’s better for a busy mom than showing her she deserves the tools and time to care for herself, since she’s already doing such a good job taking care of everybody else? 

Enter: the Balance app. Mom can do a quick meditation during a school dropoff, release tension with a brief body scan, or finally remember what it’s like to feel rested with our tools for improving sleep quality. Follow these steps to give the Balance app today.


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