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How meditation coaches can help you learn coping skills for mental health

From athletes to business executives to musicians to actors, everyone can benefit from a coach. And those seeking guidance in the world of mindfulness and meditation are no exception. 

Meditation coaches play a crucial role in helping you deepen your mediation practice and achieve your desired results. But as more people recognize the benefits of meditation, the demand for expert guidance has also risen.

That's where Balance, an award-winning meditation app, comes in. It features two expert meditation coaches, Ofosu Jones-Quartey and Leah Santa Cruz, giving you and anyone who wants it on-demand access to expert guidance. 

Keep reading to get to know both coaches and more about the role they play in your journey toward mental well-being. 

The role of a coach in learning coping skills for mental health

Having a meditation coach can take your practice to the next level. With the knowledge, experience, and skills required to guide you through your meditation journey, they can help you overcome challenges, stay motivated, and gain deeper insights into your meditation journey. 

Some other key benefits of having a meditation coach include the following:

  • Personalized guidance tailored to your needs and goals
  • Access to expert knowledge and experience
  • Improved meditation techniques and practices
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional regulation
  • Better stress reduction and relaxation

And in Balance, which was named the #1 best meditation app in the Play Store, you have the option of two expert meditation coaches, Ofosu Jones-Quartey and Leah Santa Cruz. These accomplished coaches bring their unique skills, experience, and voices to the app. 

Meet the lead meditation coaches at the Balance app

Curious to learn more about Balance’s expert meditation coaches? Keep reading.

Meet meditation expert Ofosu Jones-Quartey

Ofosu has been meditating for more than 20 years, and he has been teaching families, children, and adults for the last 14. 

Pulling from his experience as a father of four, electronic music and hip-hop artist, and children’s book author, he enjoys infusing humor and fun into his meditations. 

Ofosu believes that meditation isn’t just about sitting still; rather, it’s a living practice that can be done anytime, anywhere. 

As a teacher, he enjoys having a positive impact in the world and helping people better understand themselves. Among Ofosu’s favorite things are silent meditations, leather jackets, Batman, and dad jokes. 

Meet wellness coach Leah Santa Cruz

Leah has a background in neuroscience and psychology. She’s completed more than 1,000 hours of yoga and meditation training and taught more than 5,000 meditation classes around the world—at studios, corporations, startups, festivals, retreats, and online. 

Leah believes that meditation is all about acceptance, helping your mind become an ally rather than an enemy. 

As a teacher, she likes to combine ancient techniques with modern science, offering practical tools to help busy people find relief from anxiety and burnout. 

Leah grew up on a hobby farm raising all kinds of animals as pets, from horses, to goats, to bunnies. She now enjoys hiking with her two dogs, outdoor adrenaline sports, and experiencing different cultures around the world. 

Leverage personalized coaching to build coping skills for mental health

When you first download the Balance app, you'll be asked to complete a short questionnaire that helps Balance understand your overall goals, experience, and preferences. Based on your answers, Balance will compile a personalized wellness program that's tailored to your specific needs. And the more you share with the app over time, the more personalized your experience will become. It's the closest thing to in-person coaching that's available on the App and Play Stores.

For each meditation in Balance, you can also choose your preferred coach, switching between the two as much or as little as you'd like. And in our opinion, you can't go wrong with either one!

Many of the Balance app's customers have reported significant improvements in their meditation practice and overall well-being as a result of the personalized guidance provided by Ofosu and Leah: 

  • “The app is well made and every meditation feels personalized. It’s as if Ofosu truly was there for me. His voice lives rent-free in my head whenever I need it, and for that, I applaud you, Balance team.”
  • “These meditation sessions are so easy to follow through and so enjoyable! Love hearing Leah’s voice—I notice my anxiety going way down after each session.”
  • “Ofosu’s voice is so calming. He really helps me to focus on the meditation, and I actually look forward to doing it everyday.”
  • “I just want to say how much calmer and safer I feel when listening to meditations guided by Leah. I have tried countless apps and listened to hundreds of guided meditations and none of them are as calming and relaxing as Leah’s voice. Thank you, Leah, for being a part of the Balance team!”

These reviews highlight the value of expert meditation coaching in taking your practice to the next level, staying motivated, and achieving desired outcomes. 

What could you achieve with a little support from Ofosu or Leah?

Start meditating with Leah and Ofosu today

If you’re ready to start meditating with the support of the Balance app’s expert coaches, you’re in the right place. 

Download the Balance app now to get started with the best personalized and comprehensive meditation experience out there. And the best part? It's completely free for your entire first year. 

With a free year and Ofosu and Leah right by your side (or, you know, in your ears), you’re guaranteed to be set up for success as you work to cultivate more mindfulness in your daily life. 


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